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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gold Silver Weekly Technical and Fundamental Report 8th Nov To 12th Nov 2011

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COMEX Gold is in a technically consolidating on charts for short term. Last week COMEX Gold was trading down on initially part of the week and later part of week the Gold was recovered. In the coming week 1600$ will act as a major support in COMEX Gold and 1840$ will act as a major resistance.
Major support for COMEX Gold in the coming week is 1600$ and 1530$.
Major resistance for COMEX Gold in the coming week is 1840$ and 1880$
Major support in MCX Gold is 27100and 26500
Major resistance in MCX Gold is 28600 and 29100
COMEX Silver is in a slightly downward in trend. Last week COMEX Silver was trading in a range for the whole week. For the upcoming week 2600$ and 2400$ are the crucial supports and 3800$ and 4100$ are crucial resistance in COMEX Silver. In MCX Silver, 62000 and 65000 will act as major resistance and 45000 and 42000 will act as major supports
Technically COMEX Silver is consolidating on charts. For the next week traders can use buy on lower level strategy if Silver sustains above the level of 3570$ an ounce, then above 3600$ COMEX Silver can test the level of 3660/3720$ an ounce. And in MCX Silver sustains above 57200 then it can test the level of 58500/59800, Trade by keeping the proper stop losses.
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