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Monday, March 14, 2011

Free MCX Call For today Evening 14 march 2011| Today's Market Analysis | Report Of Crude Oil | Impact of Japan Crisis on Commodity Market Today

Call for Today evening
Crude Oil (March Futures): Sell - 4510, Stoploss - 4565 and target - 4470

Copper (Apr Futures): Sell - 418, Stoplos - 427 and the target - 412

Gold (April Futures): Sell - 21 010, Stoplos - 20 140 and the target - 20,000

Hot Market News of Today

Base Metals Today all is seen in the declining trend. Copper and nickel has seen the most decline. Metal in the fall has been 1.5 per cent. Gold trading is sluggish, while silver also declined.

Today's sharp decline in crude oil. MCX crude oil at the moment about doing business with the decline of one per cent. But that $ 100 than there Naimacs has come down.

Beyond 106 dollars last week after crude oil prices have been falling about 6.5 percent.
Natural gas has intensified. Damage to nuclear plants in Japan LNG demand is expected to grow.

Hot commodity in today's top nickel. Today has been a sharp drop in nickel. Currently it is trading down nearly 2 percent. While crude oil has dominated the profit pressures.

Agri commodity soybeans today on the decline in business is strong. Although guar gum has been shopping.

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