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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Commodity Updates: Comex and MCX Silver Weekly Analysis

Silver rose 3.7% and reached to $31.67/ounce this week. It was third straight week when silver witnessed profit. Comex silver fascinated the traders after it broke the resistance level of $30.50 which along with the physical demand of silver boosted the prices in Exchange as well.

Technically comex silver is in upward phase and prices are likely to go up in current week as well. Last week Silver managed to prevail the higher level and finally closed near its week high. For upcoming week $27.5-$26 are acting as crucial support level while resistance levels are $34-$35.50.

MCX Silver march contracts settled up near 55500 and its is likely to face a stiff resistance of 56000. Traders can adopt buy on dip strategy in MCX Silver.

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