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Friday, December 21, 2012

MCX Bullion Tips & Trading Trend

After Thursday's sharp fall in the domestic market due to weak RS gold price has recovered. MCX gold at the moment is 0.75 percent higher at Rs 30700. However, on COMEX gold is trading lower.

Silver looks strong it is 0.8 per cent above on MCX and silver price is above Rs 57 800. On Comex silver is trading around $ 30 with the rise of 0.5 percent.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Commodity Report- Gold Silver Crude Copper Tips & Trend

On MCX  Gold closed at Rs.30,977/10 gms after a sharp fall yesterday. It touched an intraday low of Rs. 30,956/ 10gms. MCX silver prices fell 2.2 % by following a bearish trend in the spot silver and closed at Rs. 59,959/kg. It touched an intra-day low of Rs. 59,858/kg
Crude oil prices declined 0.6 % and closed at Rs.4,832/bbl. It touched an intra-day low of Rs.4,785/bbl. MCX Copper prices ended on a flat note  and closed at Rs.434.6/kg  It touched an intra-day high of Rs. 435.7/kg.

MCX Gold Dec : Sup-  30870/30760  Res- 31070/31170 
MCX Silver Dec : Sup- 59500/59100  Res- 60200/60600
MCX Copper Nov : Sup- 432.0/430 Res- 436.50/439
MCX Crude Oct: Sup-  4770/4730  Res- 4870/4920

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Monday, October 15, 2012

MCX/Spot Gold Silver Trading Tips And Support Resistance Levels

For this week, MCX Gold is showing downtrend. Gold is likely to find Support at 30900 - 31000 levels. Resistance range is expected to be between 31550-31600 levels.
Gold (MCX & Spot) Trading levels for the week 
Sup1-31000 / $ 1735  Res1- 31600 / $ 1770 
Sup2-30500 / $ 1710  Res2-31840 / $ 1785 
Gold Trading Tips: Sell MCX GOLD December between 31500-31550 with Stop Loss- 31800 for Targets - 31100 / 31000

For this week MCX Silver is also in downtrend. Silver may find support around 60000 levels. Resistance is expectec in the range 62800-62900.
Silver (MCX & Spot) Trading levels for the week 
Sup1-60000 / $ 32.75  Res1-62900 / $ 34.40 
Sup2- 59500 / $ 32.50   Res2-63500 / $ 34.70 
Silver Trading Tips:  Sell MCX Silver December between 61800-61900 with Stop Loss-62500 for Targets -60750 / 60550

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Trend- Gold Silver Copper | MCX Trading Tips Today

MCX Gold December Contract is looking bullish for the day. Market may find support near 31280 & 31170; intraday resistance can be seen near 31390 & 31480. Buy is suggested for intraday on dips. Buy around 31280 with Stop Loss placed near 31170 and for the target of 31390 & 31480.
MCX Silver December is showing up trend today and it is suggested to to buy for intraday on dips. Buy around 61650 with keeping stop loss at 61100 and for the target of 62000 & 62500.

MCX Copper November is also giving positive signal. Hence it is advised to buy on dips for intraday. Buy around 436 with SL 433, for the target of 
439 & 442.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bullion Metals Technical Support Resistance Today|Commodity Market Updates

Globally we see a downtrend in commodity market. Gold at Comex is trading at 1750 at 1764. US dollar index trading at 80 now at 80.19.NYMEX crude trading above 90 now at 91.70.Dow future trading with 29 points down.

Gold December closed at 31312. On downside 31250 remains support for the day. A decline below this level would take the prices to 31100 levels. 31450-31500 would continue to act as resistance levels.

Copper November closed at 438.80. Copper prices continue to trade sideways, a decline below the support of 436 levels would drift prices lower towards 432.00 levels. 443 would act as resistance for the day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Technical Analysis & Profit Making Techniques

Spot gold declined to the lowest in more than a week against the stronger dollar. Precious metals are trading marginally higher on COMEX today. We expect prices to trade higher for the day. Gold prices are  expected to trade positive and to trade higher.
Gold Dec Sup3-30040 Sup2-31150 Sup1-31280 Res1-31360 Res2-31450 Res3-31540

Silver futures prices also fell at the International commodity market on the back of weak Asian equities. Euro is likely to remain on down trend. Silver is likely to stay weak for the day. It is recommendeed to stay short for the day from higher levels.
Silver Dec Sup3-60650 Sup2-61000 Sup1-61400 Res1-61800 Res2-62250 Res3-62650

Monday, August 27, 2012

MCX Silver Tips for The Week

COMEX Silver turned technically bullish on charts after breaking the consolidation of eight weeks.
Last week COMEX Silver was given break out above the level of $28.40 and gave closing above
major level of $30.10.

Technically COMEX Silver is consolidating on charts. For the next week traders can buy on lower level strategy. If Silver sustains above the level of $30.00 an ounce, then above $30.80 COMEX Silver can test the level of $31.20/$31.70/$32.20 an ounce.

MCX, Silver needs to sustains above 56100 to maintain the bullish trend. Above 57600 it can test the level of 58100/58600/59200, Trade by keeping the proper stop losses.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips for Today

MCX Gold and Silver commodities started off the day with significant gain.

Despite the rupee getting strong against dollar, mcx gold futures has made a new record. October futures on MCX gold has reached a new record of 30699 rupees.
Silver, with a gain of nearly 1000 rupees (1.75%) trading around 56300 level while Gold is up nearly 1% and trading above 30600 level.

This bullish trend in bullion metals is likely to remain for the day and we can see some more upside levels in these metals.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gold Silver Tips, MCX Crude Trend Today

Despite the decline in the international market, gold – silver metals with crude have been string today. In-fact prolonged trading at lower levels and continues ups and downs in the prices is seems to be over now and we can see some major movement in the market.
MCX Gold is expected to trade higher and we can see Gold to trade above 30000 level today. Silver can be an intraday pick above 53350 level and one can go for the targets of 53600-53750 level.
MCX Crude oil is also trading up 0.30% and prices are expected to trade above 5100 level. Day traders can initial long positions above the same for the targets of 5150-5170 level.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Commodity Tips: Gold Silver Trend and Crude Updates for Today

Gold Silver Trend
Weak trading in gold and silver is being seen today. Wth gold at Rs 29660 up by only 0.18 and at a slight fall to trade at Rs 53158, precious metals are trading sluggish in MCX. Declining trend in the international market is also being seen in gold and silver which has checked the momentum in domestic market also.

MCX Gold Silver Tips-
Buy Gold around 29750 levels with a stop loss placed below 29200 levels for targets of 30000-30200  levels.
Buy Silver on dips around 53000 level, target- 53200-53500 SL- 52750.

MCX Crude Oil News
Crude oil trend in the domestic market is weak. It has come down below 5000 and trading near 4980 level. However The U.S. Fed has assured that if weakness in the economy is seen , it will take appropriate steps to recover the same. This statement of federal reserve may support the falling prices. Technically Buying is recommended only above 5000 level.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MCX Crude and Copper Trend for Today

Yesterday Crude oil prices closed lower ahead of  U.S. Federal Reserve's statement today. Crude settled nearly 2% lower on NYMEX. Today MCX crude made an negative opening and now prices are trading near the support level of 4900 level. Breaching the same may extend the bearishness in the market.

Base metals are down today.MCX copper is heading towards its immediate support level of 40.50 below which it may slip to 418. Major downside is expected below 416. A trade above 424 may bring back the bullish momentum,

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bullion Trend: MCX Silver Tips, Gold Trend Today

Bullion commodities may see some upside today. After initial decline seen in international market, Comex Gold and Silver have started gripping the positiveness again. As an result, ,MCX silver is trading up in domestic market. However recovery in COMEX futures is not helping gold prices on MCX and Gold is trading down slightly as the rupee appreciated more than 1% against the US dollar.

Day traders can initiate buy above 53300 for the targets of 53500-53650 levels. If Silver breaches 53750 today, we can expect a rally towards 54000-54500. A direct fall below 53200 may cause decline down to 53000 again.

Commodity Tips for Today-

Buy Gold above 53300 TG-53500-53650

Buy Copper Above 421.20 TG-424.00 Stoploss- 418.70

Thursday, July 26, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips for Today

Bullion metals had to undergo profit booking today after yesterday's rise and started recovering thereafter. Now silver is trading above 53500 level and we can expect this momentum to extend till 53650-53750 level if it successfully sustains above 53550 with volume. However inability to maintain 53500 can invite lower levels again.
Day traders are advised to long silver above 53550 for the targets of 53700-53750-53900.
Major upside is expected above 54100 level.

One the other hand, MCX Gold is also trading above 29800 level and as long as prices remain above 29800, we can expect a bullish momentum towards 29900-29950 level.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gold Silver Updates and Trading Tips

A slight decline has been seen in Gold and silver commodities in MCX. Yesterday Gold managed to close above 29450 level and witnessed a rise of 0.60%. Currently Gold is trading with negative bias and with slight decline of nearly 0.10%, trading at 29420 level. 29390 is the nearest support to prevent the downfall. If Gold breaches this level, we can expect a fall till 29300-29250 level.

Silver witnessed a marginal gain yesterday and closed above 52920. Today, it is trading around 52800, near its immediate support of 57750 level. The Trend is likely to remain range bound. Traders can initiate long positions at lower levels.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips for Today

With 0.24 per cent gain on MCX gold is trading at Rs 29230. Silver has gained 0.5 per cent to trade at Rs 52970. International Bullion metals have witnessed a strong upside today which has supported the domestic market also.

MCX Gold Silver Tips for Today

MCX gold (August futures): Buy - 29200, stoploss of Rs - 29100 and the target - 29350

Silver MCX (September futures): Buy - 52700, stoploss of Rs - 52300 and the target - 53500

Monday, July 16, 2012

MCX Silver Tips & Gold Trading Levels

INR/USD rose up to 54.750 after positive inflation data which however momentarily brought back some hope in the market but these hopes soon vanished. Bullion metals on MCX are trading lower as rupee is getting strong against dollar.
MCX Gold is currently trading near its crucial support level of 29150 and if Gold shows a recovery move around 29150-29200, traders can buy this commodity for the targets of 29300-29450-29600 level for near term. Do keep a strict stop loos near 28950 level.

MCX Silver is also trading near the support level of 52250, If Silver manages to stay above this level, one can buy silver for the targets of 52750-33200 level.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Commodity Alerts: Crude oil trend and Gold Silver Updates

Despite the rupee getting strong against the dollar, On MCX crude prices have seen upside. However, selling pressure in international crude oil remains the smae. While in China, second quarter GDP figures have gone below the level of the last 3 years.Europe and America are also showing no signs of improvement.
Gold and silver remains in the initial consolidation phase.Although gold and silver in the international market is showing some strength back.
Early weakness in base metals is intact. Copper on the LME over half Fsidi pain has been strong. While on MCX crude is trading sideways with some earnings in its pocket. With nearly 0.60% rise, copper is trading around 425 level.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crude Updates and Gold Silver Trend for Today

MCX crude continued declining on Wednesday also and dipped nearly 1% hitherto. July contract of crude is trading near Rs. 4700. However some buying sentiments could be seen on lower levels. So traders are advised to take position on dips. If crude seems to show recovery after 4650, traders can bet buying near this level while consistent trading below the same would extend the bearish trend.

Gold may probably remain range bound and as per the technical analysis, International spot gold can drop to $1,553 an ounce during the day.
Back in MCX, Gold has come down to 29300 level and still under selling pressure. Silver has shown some recovery at lower levels but the trend is still inconsistent. For day trading, Buy on lower levels in Gold & Silver commodities.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

crude Trend and Commodity Tips For Today

Crude oil prices have declined sharply in international as well as domestic market. MCX crude has suffered more than 1.30% decline and it has slipped from Rs 4800/ Barrel to 4740 level. Brent crude has decline the most after  after Norway ended an energy strike. This has also affected the crude prices. The trade data is going to released today in china which may also affect the oil prices.

Crude Trend & Trading for Today- Trend is bearish  and if it does not see a bounce back at 4700 level, we can expect more downside in crude oil.

Sell Crude below 4680 TG-4650-4630 SL-4724

Buy Above 4755 TG-4790-4820

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips for Today

Gold & Silver Commodities are trading flat in international market. Comex Gold is trading around $ 1,600, while silver is at $ 27.75 per ounce. On Monday, Gold closed flat in the domestic market with a turnover to Rs.29661. MCX silver was up 0.30 per cent to close at Rs 52150.

MCX Bullion metals are expected to trade with positive bias today. However Gold may suffer a bit due to anticipation that rupee may strengthen further. Silver is strong above 52350.

Buy Gold above 29650 TG- 29850-29900 SL-29500

Buy Silver above 52350 TG- 52500-52750 Sl- 52100

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MCX Silver Tips, Gold Trend For Today

Gold prices trading down as US Dollar Index (DX) declined around 0.2 percent today. At the MCX, silver is trading at Rs. 53370 and declined more than 0.50%. It may find support at the level of 53100 where we can see some recovery move. So traders can go for buy at this level according to the trend.

Gold may slip down to 29900-29700 level if it does not sustain the level of 30000. Currently trading at 30046, mcxgold has immediate support of Rs 30000 while resistance has been seen at 30130 level. Traders can take their positions according to these levels.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MCX Gold & Silver Trend for Today

MCX Gold prices have touched the record level and crossed 30400 level. However Comex Gold is trading 15% below its record level. Weakness in rupee against the dollar has supported gold prices in MCX. Also, HSBC's prediction that International Gold prices may reach upto $1900 by the end of this year has initiated  a positiveness in the market. Silver has also crossed 55000 level and with a gain of more than 0.30%, its trading at 55100 level. One can buy silver for the target of 55500.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Trend for Today

MCX Gold trend is bullish and we can expect prices to rise up to  30200-30300 level. Major resitance is seen near Rs. 30300 and next resistance is  30500.

MCX Silver trend is also bullish, Prices can taste 55500-55800 level. 54800 is the immediate support for most active futures of silver commodity.

Buy Gold for the TG of - 30200-30300 and Silver for the target of 55500-55800.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Commodity Tips: Silver & Gold Updates

Amid  various up and down movement of trend lines, bullion metals are moving in directionless manner. Gold after travelling in green belt initially, has slipped down below crucial level of Rs. 30000 and currently trading around 29950 level. It is providing the day traders with an opportunity to buy on lower levels. MCX Silver has also declined by 0.30% and  has come down below 55000 level. Silver If does not hold the level of 54800, it may further decline to 54500-54300 level while staying above 55000 would fortify the bullish trend.

MCX Gold (August futures): Buy - 29900, stoploss of Rs - 29800 and target - 30150-30250

MCX Silver (July Futures): Buy 54900 TG- 55200-55500, Stoploss- 54750

Monday, June 11, 2012

MCX Crude Updates Today

Crude Oil prices have boomed in all the indexes across the world. NYMAX, ICE and MCX have witnessed crude prices a gain of 2-2.5 %. Increased volume of crude oil import in China has supported the crude prices globally. However the bullishness seen in crude doesnt seem to be long lasting . Experts say that Crude may again suffer a correction of 150-200 points so traders need to remain cautious from the sudden glitter coming from crude oil. Prices on MCX have reached above 4751 level. Technically crudeoil is taking support near 4690 level while resistance can be seen at 4830.

Friday, June 8, 2012

MCX Tips: Crude & Copper Trend

Crude oil has to suffer sharp decline today. MCX Crude oil prices have slumped down to 4600 level after declining  nearly 2%.  The effect of the decline in the international market has had on the domestic market also. Weaker global cues stimulated the selling sentiments in MCX and crude slipped down again.

MCX copper has also witnessed sharp fall. It has fallen more than 1.40% and copper June futures is currently trading at 405.

For near term trade, buy on lower level strategy is suggested to the traders as near term trend of crude and copper is still positive.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Trend and Copper Tips for Today

The positiveness in the international market has supported Gold and Silver prices in domestic market also.

As anticipated, Silver has surged sharply and witnessed a gain of more than 2%. Currently Silver (July) is trading above 55500 level. Gold has reached above 30200 mark, up by nearly 1%.

Crude oil seems to have recovered the bullish trend and its June futures has gained more than 1.20% on MCX. Despite rupee strengthening against dollar, these commodities are doing well on the exchange.

Copper has also breached the resistance level of 411.50 and now the prices are expected to reach 416-419 soon.

MCX Gold (August futures): Buy - 30300, stop-loss of Rs - 30220 and the target – 30450-500

Sell below 30150 TG- 29950-29900

MCX Silver (July futures): Buy - 55550, stop-loss of Rs - 54200 and the target - 55800-56200

MCX Copper (June futures): Buy - 412.50, stop-loss of Rs - 409.50 TG-414.50-416.50

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Copper Trend and Bullion Metals Updates

All Base metals are trading higher on MCX. However MCX copper hit lower level of 398 yesterday but today it has recovered up to 410 level with a gain of nearly 0.60%. Traders can buy Copper above 411.50 level for the targets of 414.50-416.

In Bullion metals, Strengthening of the rupee against the dollar is preventing Gold prices to go further above 30000 level. Still Gold silver are in positive trend. One can buy silver above 54100 for the target of 54600.

Monday, June 4, 2012

MCX Crude and Copper Trend Today (4th June 2012)

Crude oil has completely taken over by the fall.  The decline seen in crude oil due to weak cues from China, Europe and the United States, is still prevailing  On MCX, Crude oil is trading near 4550 and NYMAX crude is already down to $ 83.
MCX Copper has also been facing the decline mode. With more than 1.50% fall on domestic market, this base metal is trading near Rs. 401. Prcies are likely to fall further below 399 level. 

Sell Copper  below 399 TG- 396-392 SL- 405.50

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gold Silver Tips- Bullion Updates

silver prices has fallen sharply today. MCX silver has witnessed a decline of 1.5% while Gold heading towards 28900 level after suffering a downfall of more than 0.70%.

The bullion metals started the day with negative bias and extended losses. Silver is finding its support level at 53000 level and below this mark, more downside is expected. If silver shows any positiveness after reaching 53150, traders can make a buying decision. The same strategy of buy on lower levels is advised for Gold commodity also. Intraday buy position can be taken near 28800 level.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Silver Tips Today

The Bullion metals are likley to trade in sideways mode. However currently MCX silver (July contract ) is trading marginally up nearly 0.06% and it touched an intra-day high of Rs 54867.

Technically to achieve proper bullish pace, this precious metal is required to trade consistently above 54800. Today, Rupee has recovered strongly and this recovery can help persisting the downside pressure of Gold and Silver prices.

If silver traders below 54450, traders can go for sell for the targets of 54150-53850. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bullion News- Gold Silver Trend

MCX Gold -Price have been trading with a negative bias, but even in this scenario unable to break below  28720 region could up thrust prices towards 28900/960 or even higher towards 29050. But break below 28700 region could ignite fresh selling pressure towards  28650/540 or even lower towards 28470.

MCX Silver- 

Likely to be choppy inside the range of 53700-54400  levels with mild positive bias. Either side breakout would suggest fresh directional moves.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MCX Gold Silver trend and Crude Updates

A sharp decline has been seen in NYMAX crude prices an affect of which can be seen in domestic market also. International crude oil is trading near $91/barrel. This decline along with the weaker rupee can cause a bearish trend in MCX crude oil. Prices have strated goin down and breaching the level of 5090 can further push the prices to 5050-5000 level.

Bullion metals are also in downside. Silver is trading below 54000 mark and traders can sell mcx silver below 53850.

MCX Gold is currently trading above 29000 level. The trend of Gold is still negative.

Monday, May 21, 2012

MCX Copper & Crude Updates: Commodity Tips for Today

On London Metal exchange, Copper is trading with nearly 1.5% gain. On MCX, Copper is facing strong resistance near 426.50 and a consistent trading above this level can elevate the prices to 430-433 level. Copper trend is likley to remain positive and it could be a better pick to buy in base metals for intraday.

Crude prices also trading higher on MCX. With a gain of nearly 40%, mcx crude is trading near 5075 level. International NYMAX crude has also witnessed positiveness today. So prices are expected to touch 5100-5155 level today.

Friday, May 18, 2012

MCX Crude and Copper Updates Today (18 May)

NYMAX Crude is trading stringly around 92 dollars a barrel. On Thursday, crude oil in the domestic market, gained 0.28 per cent to close at Rs 5034.
Crude prices ate elevating today also and we can expect prices to reach 5100 level.
Consistent trading above 5050 can be a buying opportinity for crude traders.

Copper is also shining with nearly 1% upside on LME. MCX Copper closes at Rs 419 and currently its trading near 422 level. It may rise further up to 426-428 in today's trading session.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Silver Tips: Weekly Trend & Intraday Tips for Today

COMEX Silver is technically weak on charts for near term. Last week Silver was trading on lower side for most part of the week and finally closed below 3000$ mark. For the upcoming week 2650 $ and 2450$ are the crucial supports and 3350$ and 3550$ are crucial resistance in COMEX Silver. On MCX, Silver is likely to continue the bearish trend. Silver could face major resistance at the levels of 56500 and 58500. 52500 and 50500 will act as major support levels.

 Silver Tips for Today- Decline in International bullion metals have affected gold and silver severely in domestic market also. Although a slight decline has been seen in MCX gold, but silver has broken more.

 MCX Silver (July futures): Sell - 54350, stoploss of Rs - 54500 and the target - 52900-52650

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Trend Today and Trading Strategy

MCX Gold Trend

MCX Gold June contract opened negative today and we might see bearish trend again which we are witnessing at the current moment. Simmering selling sentiments could succeed only with concrete trades below 28420 region, Else hold the same to activate a short covering mode to test upside levels of 28580/28650 or even higher. But break below 28400 region may strew further selling pressure Towards 28340/190.

MCX Silver Tips- 

As long as prices stays below 54800 likely to drag prices lower towards 54100 initially followed by 54000 or even more later. Prices have to close above 56600 to negate our bearish sentiments and reverse the momentum

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Trend Today

Bullion Metals have seen a sharp decline in this week. MCX Gold, with the decline More than Rs. 1500, has come down to 28500 level. Currently On MCX, Gold June Contract is trading at 28478 level. Though Domestic Gold is trading above as compared to the international market where Gold prices have dipped to four months low. MCX Silver (July) has suffered more than1.30% decline and it is trading below 53400 level. A decline in dollar index may extend this bearishness in precious metals.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Commodity Trading Tips: Gold Silver Updates

A sharp decline has been seen in commodity markets. Crude oil, gold, silver and base metals have fallen  significantly. Projected demand decreases the price of crude oil in the international market and it has  declined to lower levels of 4 months. Crude oil price is projected to fall to $90/ barrel . Crude oil slipped 1.5 per cent to trade near Rs 5190 on MCX.

MCX Silver and Gold prices have  also suffered the decline phase. Silver is trading near its support zone of 56000-56900 which if breaches, we can expect further  downfall in MCX Silver.

Traders can sell Silver for Intraday trading.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MCX Crude Updates, Silver Trading Tips and Gold Trend Today

MCX Crude oil 0.25 per cent at Rs 5600 with strength is trading above the barrel. While 0.3 per cent decline in international crude oil and the price is below 106 dollars a barrel. In domestic markets, gold - silver looks up.. However, COMEX Gold - Silver are trading in weaker side. All base metals aretrading with strength in Multi commodity exchange of India. Nickel rose more than 1 per cent. Copper is trending high. Trading Tips- Buy Silver above 55470 TG- 55600-55750-55900 SL- 55380 Buy Crude above 5620 TG-555-5560 SL- 5490

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Silver Tips Today: MCX Market Updates

Though Commodity Market is likely to face a range bound session today still we can expect some momentum in Gold and Silver prices. From Short term perspective, MCX Silver can be a good trade today. Accumulating silver (May) futures at current level is looking viable for short term trade. We can expect silver prices to reach up to 55500-559000-56200 level very soon. 55150 is the nearest support for this precious commodity. So keep a stop loss price accordingly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Commodity Market Today: Gold Silver Trend and MCX Copper Tips

Despite of initial decline in international market, MCX gold and Silver commodities are likely to perform good today.

Comex Gold is declined slightly and trading near $1642 and with slight up edge, silver is trading above $30.

Copper could be a better bet for today's trade. Though on the London Metal Exchange, Copper is trading with a slight decline but MCX Copper in the domestic market may see further upside above 427.50 and reach upto 430-432.50 provoking day traders to go for a buy in this metal.

Money advice for investors -

Gold (June futures) MCX: Buy (On Dips) Rs -28800-820, TG- 28950-29050 SL-28720
Copper (April futures) MCX: Buy Rs -427.50 TG- 430-432.50 SL- 424.50

Thursday, April 5, 2012

MCX Silver Trend and Trading Tips Today

Silver, as we mentioned in our earlier post, saw a sharp decline below 56500 level and it is now trading near 56500 level. Silver prices on MCX have seen a downfall of more than 3.5%.

Inability to prevail 55500 level on downside would cause Silver to slip further down to 55000-54500. Major resistance is seen near 56250.

Trdaers are advised to be cautious and go for buy in silver only after a lower level is sustained.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MCX Gold and Silver Tips for Today

A sharp decline has been seen in silver and Gold prices. With a drop of nearly 1% t, MCX Gold futures is trading near 27700 and prices are expected to extend this decline below 27700 level. Technically a trade above 27800 would negate the bearish view. Sell Gold below 27690 TG-27600-560
On the other hand MCX Silver prices are facing sharp decline. 56500 being the nearest support, silver prices may see further downside below this level. Major downside is expected below 56000.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

MCX Commodity Updates For Today: Gold Silver Trading Tips

MCX gold and silver remains in the idling position. With a marginal decline on MCX gold is trading around Rs 28100. A trade Below the support level of 28050 may invite further decline in Gold prices.
At the MCX, silver has also declined to Rs 56450 and traders are advised to sell silver bleow 56350 for the target of 56000-55750-55500.
Coming to the energy commonalities, Crude oil is trading at Rs 5,400 with slight positiveness on the board. Base metals are red in the domestic market. Copper prices are likley to decline further below 425.50.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gold Silver Updates: MCX Tips for Today

Gold Silver
MCX Gold and Silver are trading slow with negatively biased movement. Silver (Futures) prices have started declined and with nearly 0.30% decline, MCX Silver is trading near 56700 level. Prices are likley to remain in consolidation to downward trend for a while. One can buy silver above 56850 for the targets pf 57000-57300. Major resistance is seen near 57500 above which prices may touch 58000-58200 level. Below 56350, selling is recommended.
Gold futures prices may decline in the evenign trade. So one can go for sell in MCX Gold Today.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips and Crude Updates for Today

MCX Gold and silver commodities started the day with decline. With More than 1% decline Gold (April Futures) is currently trading near 27500 level. On technical charts, Gold seems to fall more below 27500 level.
On the other hand silver has also decline more than half percent and this commodity is currently trading below 58000 level. Intraday traders can sell silver around 57850 level for the targets of 57650-57500.

Crude prices may recover from initial downfall and we can expect prices to go up. Trading around 5300-5330 for targets of 5355-5390-5420 can be a deal of profit for Intraday traders.

Friday, March 9, 2012

MCX Gold and Silver Trend Today

After witnessing heavy downfall of nearly 1000 during last week, MCX Gold prices have been range bound for last couple of trading sessions. The trend of this precious metal on multi commodity exchange is still obscure therefore traders are still unclear about the further move of Gold proces.

Technically Gold prices are likley to remain slightly positive for the day, Trading above 28100 may trigger some short term rally. Below 27870 one can go for intraday short in MCX gold.

MCX Silver is likely to remain negatively biased as long as prices remain below 59100. A straight fall Below 58350 would invite more downside in silver.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crude Updates & MCX Gold Silver Tips

MCX Gold is trading on lower levels. With a slowdown in gold on MCX is trading around Rs 28820, while the silver is leading of half per cent is trading around Rs 61100.
Technically Gold and silver Both metals are looking positive.
The initial decline in crude oil is still intact. Crude oil in the domestic market with around 1 per cent is trading near Rs 5277. Traders can take it as an opportunity to buy on dips. Accumulating crude around 5220-5200 would give a chance for Intraday traders to snatch some gain from the market.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Commodity MCX Updates Today & Gold Silver Trend

MCX crude surged today and with more than 1.3% rise in domestic market, mcx crude oil has risen above 5350 level. International crude is also trading above $108 per barrel. Traders Can buy crude at lower levels.
Precious metals started the day with decline. With nearly half percent decline, MCX Gold is trading near 28700 while MCX silver is moving around 58400 level.
We can see some upside during evening trades therefore day traders can initiate their positions at lower level and wait for upside.
In Base metals, One can buy copper above above 411.50 for the targets of 414.50-416.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

MCX Crude and Copper Updates Today

After a lethargic start, MCX copper ended up with a gain of more than 1% and we can expect this upside momentum to continue in today's trade also. Prices are likely to touch 414.50-416.50 so traders can take their positions accordingly.
With Iran's ceasing the supply of oil to UK and France, Crude oil futures extended its northward journey, Technically domestic MCX Crude is looking positive and prices are likely to remain under the range of 5172-5255. Traders can buy crude around 5200 level for the targets of 5240-5255.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Crude Updates and MCX Gold Silver Tips

A lacklustre trade has been seen in Crude oil prices. With a decline of more than 0.40%, crude futures is trading near 4910 level and a trade below 4900 can deepen this downside. While on NYMAX , crude is trading with the gain of nearly 1%. Precious metals are also in decline mode. Silver futures, below the level of Rs. 56450, can slip down to 56000 and even below for today.
Gold futures is trading above 28100 and has declined over 0.40% . It is looking bullish above 28150 only while inability to sustain above 28100 would invite more downside in this bullion metal.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MCX Updates Today: Copper is Up along with Other base metals

Silver after coming out of its early lethargic trade is now trading above 57600 level. MCX Gold has also put on moderate gains and hovering around 28400 level. Though during evening trade, we can expect prices of bullion metals to raise significantly.

In Domestic market Nickel Futures have gone up more than 1.30 per cent, while copper and lead have been up about 1 per cent and 1.50% respectively..

Crude prices are likely to prevail its upside momentum and one can buy Copper Futures above 424.50 for the target of 427.50.

Friday, January 27, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips and Base Metals News Updates for Today

Precious metals started the day with the spark of upside in the domestic commodity market. Both Gold and Silver are trading in buoyant mode. With the gain of more than 1% MCX Silver is approaching 57000 level while MCX Gold is trading near Rs. 27880.
Day traders are advised to trade in these metals on Dips.

All metals except aluminum on MCX is trading at a huge edge.Nickel gained nearly 1.5 percent, while of lead leaping more than 1 per cent. The copper and zinc is trading with gain of nearly 1 per cent.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Commodity Updates: MCX Gold Silver Tips Today

A decline has been seen in Gold prices . A lackluster trade is being seen in Silver Commodity. International market is also facing the same declining trend. Weakening of dollar against rupee has also influenced the precious metals prices. Currently MCX Gold is trading near Rs. 27435 with a loss of nearly 0.30 while Silver on MCX is looking at the small edge and is trading around Rs. 55600.

Monday, January 23, 2012

MCX Silver Surged, Copper, crude Likely to Go Up: Commodity Updates

MCX Silver is trading higher with a gain of more than 1.30%. Gold, with moderate gain is also trading up near 27550 level. These precious metals are likely to to remain bullish for the day. Crude oil after has come out its decline phase and again heading towards 5000 level. Traders can buy crude around 5010 level for the target of 5055-5070.

Copper is recommended to buy above 421.50 for the target of 423.50-424.50.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Commodity Updates: Comex and MCX Silver Weekly Analysis

Silver rose 3.7% and reached to $31.67/ounce this week. It was third straight week when silver witnessed profit. Comex silver fascinated the traders after it broke the resistance level of $30.50 which along with the physical demand of silver boosted the prices in Exchange as well.

Technically comex silver is in upward phase and prices are likely to go up in current week as well. Last week Silver managed to prevail the higher level and finally closed near its week high. For upcoming week $27.5-$26 are acting as crucial support level while resistance levels are $34-$35.50.

MCX Silver march contracts settled up near 55500 and its is likely to face a stiff resistance of 56000. Traders can adopt buy on dip strategy in MCX Silver.

Friday, January 20, 2012

MCX Crude and Copper Updates Today

Crude oil is in range bound mode and trading in a tight range of 5095-5113 rupees on MCX. US inventory data had an bearish impact on Crude price and Crude futures has come down to 5060 level. This weakness is likely to prevail till 5050 level and a trade below the same may invite more downside.

Due to profit booking, Copper prices has declined to 420 level but the overall near term trend is still intact. As long as prices hold the level of 416.50, we can expect prices to prevail the positive trend while below the same level prices are likely to face a sell off till 409 level.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

MCX Commodity Market Updates Today

The initial strength seen in crude oil is still intact. Crude ON MCX is trading up by 1% . NYMAX crude oil prices have also reached above $101.

After initial weakness, MCX Silver and Gold are now trading positive in Domestic market. With slight edge, Gold is trading near 27500 level.

An upsurge has been seen in base metals so far. After breaching the resistance level of 422.50, MCX copper is now trading at 424.50 and it is likely to touch 427 level soon.

Lead, zinc and Nickel commodities have also surged up nearly 1%.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Updates Today: Technical Outlook

Gold Prices erased last day gains and in the evening session, we expect  prices could make gains towards 27650 hold initially for a drift   lower towards 27500/400 region. But a break above 27650 region could call for 27760/ 27840, anyhow major rally only expected  above 28000 region. Alternatively, major weakness is seen only  below 27350 region.

In MCX Silver, day’s bias likely for a choppy session in the range of 54000-42500  levels. Either side breakout would be required to suggest fresh  directional moves.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Commodity MCX News and Updates: Gold Silver Trend Today

MCX Gold and Silver are trading Up today. With gain of more than 2.5%, MCX Silver is trading near 53750 and likely to touch 54000 soon while mcx gold is up by nearly 1%.
Meanwhile The Indian government has increased import duty on Gold and Silver metals.

MCX crude is also trading with moderate gains. A consistent trading above 5140 may result in a rise of crude prices till 5170-5200 today.

Copper is trading near its next resistance level of 422.50. Traders can go for Buy in Copper commodity.

Monday, January 16, 2012

MCX Commodity Updates Today: Gold Silver Trend

The buying sentiment is being seen in precious metals. MCX Gold ended with slight gain on weekends and ahead of US holiday, precious metals are witnessing less volatility. MCX Gold Feb contract rose by 0.10% and currently trading above 27530 level. Prices are expected to reach 27650-27700 today.
Silver has gained over 0.40% and trading above 52350. Traders can buy silver around the same level and can wait for the levels of 52500-52700.
Crude oil is now recovering from last few days downfall. It is now trading near 5120 level. A trade with volume above 5159 would bring back the bullish momentum in crude oil prices.

Friday, January 13, 2012

MCX Silver and Gold New and Updates for Today

Gold and Silver commodities are trading lower on MCX. Silver futures has slipped more than 1% in domestic market amid weakening global trend. European Debt crisis has resulted in an increased demand of precious metals which turned the market sentiments into negative.
MCX Gold (Feb) is currently trading below 27500 after touching a day low of 27416 .

Crude Oil Trend and Commodity Updates Today

Strengthening of rupee against dollar has a strong effect on commodity prices. In domestic markets, crude oil, gold, silver are trading with weakness. MCX crude oil at Rs 5138 with a decline of more than 2.5 per cent. While the NYMAX crude is seems to regain its upside trend. We can expect a bounce back in Crude prices after 5100 level but below 5080 level, more downside is expected.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MCX Commodity Updates for Today: Copper Up, Crude Down

Crude oil is still suffering decline mode due to profit booking and fell almost 0.75% to trade at 5279 level and prices can further go down to 5230-5200 level. NYMAX crude has also slipped below $102 level. A lacklustre trading has been seen in precious metals. Prices are likely to remain consolidated today.
Copper has shown good shine and now trading around 405 level. Copper can touch 409 level if it manages to stay above 405.50 level. 

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MCX Commodity Market News and Trend Today

The weaker dollar index led the commodity market to end with mixed sentiments.
Gold traders remained skeptical and this yellow metal closed with slight decline. MCX Silver gained over 1.5%.
In Base metals Copper (Feb Futures) managed to close above Rs. 400. Traders can buy copper mcx above 404.50 and target 409.50 level for today.
Crude oil is also looking bullish today.
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