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Friday, January 27, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips and Base Metals News Updates for Today

Precious metals started the day with the spark of upside in the domestic commodity market. Both Gold and Silver are trading in buoyant mode. With the gain of more than 1% MCX Silver is approaching 57000 level while MCX Gold is trading near Rs. 27880.
Day traders are advised to trade in these metals on Dips.

All metals except aluminum on MCX is trading at a huge edge.Nickel gained nearly 1.5 percent, while of lead leaping more than 1 per cent. The copper and zinc is trading with gain of nearly 1 per cent.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Commodity Updates: MCX Gold Silver Tips Today

A decline has been seen in Gold prices . A lackluster trade is being seen in Silver Commodity. International market is also facing the same declining trend. Weakening of dollar against rupee has also influenced the precious metals prices. Currently MCX Gold is trading near Rs. 27435 with a loss of nearly 0.30 while Silver on MCX is looking at the small edge and is trading around Rs. 55600.

Monday, January 23, 2012

MCX Silver Surged, Copper, crude Likely to Go Up: Commodity Updates

MCX Silver is trading higher with a gain of more than 1.30%. Gold, with moderate gain is also trading up near 27550 level. These precious metals are likely to to remain bullish for the day. Crude oil after has come out its decline phase and again heading towards 5000 level. Traders can buy crude around 5010 level for the target of 5055-5070.

Copper is recommended to buy above 421.50 for the target of 423.50-424.50.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Commodity Updates: Comex and MCX Silver Weekly Analysis

Silver rose 3.7% and reached to $31.67/ounce this week. It was third straight week when silver witnessed profit. Comex silver fascinated the traders after it broke the resistance level of $30.50 which along with the physical demand of silver boosted the prices in Exchange as well.

Technically comex silver is in upward phase and prices are likely to go up in current week as well. Last week Silver managed to prevail the higher level and finally closed near its week high. For upcoming week $27.5-$26 are acting as crucial support level while resistance levels are $34-$35.50.

MCX Silver march contracts settled up near 55500 and its is likely to face a stiff resistance of 56000. Traders can adopt buy on dip strategy in MCX Silver.

Friday, January 20, 2012

MCX Crude and Copper Updates Today

Crude oil is in range bound mode and trading in a tight range of 5095-5113 rupees on MCX. US inventory data had an bearish impact on Crude price and Crude futures has come down to 5060 level. This weakness is likely to prevail till 5050 level and a trade below the same may invite more downside.

Due to profit booking, Copper prices has declined to 420 level but the overall near term trend is still intact. As long as prices hold the level of 416.50, we can expect prices to prevail the positive trend while below the same level prices are likely to face a sell off till 409 level.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

MCX Commodity Market Updates Today

The initial strength seen in crude oil is still intact. Crude ON MCX is trading up by 1% . NYMAX crude oil prices have also reached above $101.

After initial weakness, MCX Silver and Gold are now trading positive in Domestic market. With slight edge, Gold is trading near 27500 level.

An upsurge has been seen in base metals so far. After breaching the resistance level of 422.50, MCX copper is now trading at 424.50 and it is likely to touch 427 level soon.

Lead, zinc and Nickel commodities have also surged up nearly 1%.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Updates Today: Technical Outlook

Gold Prices erased last day gains and in the evening session, we expect  prices could make gains towards 27650 hold initially for a drift   lower towards 27500/400 region. But a break above 27650 region could call for 27760/ 27840, anyhow major rally only expected  above 28000 region. Alternatively, major weakness is seen only  below 27350 region.

In MCX Silver, day’s bias likely for a choppy session in the range of 54000-42500  levels. Either side breakout would be required to suggest fresh  directional moves.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Commodity MCX News and Updates: Gold Silver Trend Today

MCX Gold and Silver are trading Up today. With gain of more than 2.5%, MCX Silver is trading near 53750 and likely to touch 54000 soon while mcx gold is up by nearly 1%.
Meanwhile The Indian government has increased import duty on Gold and Silver metals.

MCX crude is also trading with moderate gains. A consistent trading above 5140 may result in a rise of crude prices till 5170-5200 today.

Copper is trading near its next resistance level of 422.50. Traders can go for Buy in Copper commodity.

Monday, January 16, 2012

MCX Commodity Updates Today: Gold Silver Trend

The buying sentiment is being seen in precious metals. MCX Gold ended with slight gain on weekends and ahead of US holiday, precious metals are witnessing less volatility. MCX Gold Feb contract rose by 0.10% and currently trading above 27530 level. Prices are expected to reach 27650-27700 today.
Silver has gained over 0.40% and trading above 52350. Traders can buy silver around the same level and can wait for the levels of 52500-52700.
Crude oil is now recovering from last few days downfall. It is now trading near 5120 level. A trade with volume above 5159 would bring back the bullish momentum in crude oil prices.

Friday, January 13, 2012

MCX Silver and Gold New and Updates for Today

Gold and Silver commodities are trading lower on MCX. Silver futures has slipped more than 1% in domestic market amid weakening global trend. European Debt crisis has resulted in an increased demand of precious metals which turned the market sentiments into negative.
MCX Gold (Feb) is currently trading below 27500 after touching a day low of 27416 .

Crude Oil Trend and Commodity Updates Today

Strengthening of rupee against dollar has a strong effect on commodity prices. In domestic markets, crude oil, gold, silver are trading with weakness. MCX crude oil at Rs 5138 with a decline of more than 2.5 per cent. While the NYMAX crude is seems to regain its upside trend. We can expect a bounce back in Crude prices after 5100 level but below 5080 level, more downside is expected.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MCX Commodity Updates for Today: Copper Up, Crude Down

Crude oil is still suffering decline mode due to profit booking and fell almost 0.75% to trade at 5279 level and prices can further go down to 5230-5200 level. NYMAX crude has also slipped below $102 level. A lacklustre trading has been seen in precious metals. Prices are likely to remain consolidated today.
Copper has shown good shine and now trading around 405 level. Copper can touch 409 level if it manages to stay above 405.50 level. 

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MCX Commodity Market News and Trend Today

The weaker dollar index led the commodity market to end with mixed sentiments.
Gold traders remained skeptical and this yellow metal closed with slight decline. MCX Silver gained over 1.5%.
In Base metals Copper (Feb Futures) managed to close above Rs. 400. Traders can buy copper mcx above 404.50 and target 409.50 level for today.
Crude oil is also looking bullish today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MCX Silver and Gold Trend Today and Trading Tips

The day started with a slight fall in Gold while Silver has climbed up sharply. MCX Gold (Feb Futures) is trading near 27500 while silver with a gain of nearly 1.4%, is trading around 52500 level. Comex gold is trading higher so we can expect prices in MCX to raise during evening trades. So traders can buy gold above 27530 for targets of 27600-27700-750. Silver may take a rally towards 53200-53500 above 52750.

Monday, January 9, 2012

MCX Silver Updates and Commodity Market Trend for Today

After the initial fall in silver prices have stabilized.However International Silver is in up-trend but there is pressure on the domestic market After touching a record level of Rs. 75,000 last year Silver has been declined 30-35 per cent.

The silver on MCX is trading around Rs. 51700 with mild weakness. With the decline of 0.35 percent on MCX gold is trading at Rs. 27650. Crude oil has Slipped 0.5 per cent and it is trading around Rs. 5330. Copper has slipped below 400 level and and it is likely to remain under selling pressure for the day.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Commodity Gold and Silver Trend for Coming Week

COMEX Gold is in a technically consolidating on charts for short term. During last week COMEX Gold was trading on higher side and was able to made a close above 1600$ an ounce. In the coming week 1500$ will act as a major support in COMEX Gold and 1740$ will act as a major resistance.

For the next week traders can use buy on lower level strategy if COMEX Gold sustains above 1620 $ an ounce, then above 1640 $ it can test the level of 1660$/1680$/1705$ $ an ounce. And in MCX Gold above 28000 it can test the level of 28150/28300. Trade by keeping the strict stop losses.

COMEX Silver is technically in upward phase. Last week COMEX Silver was neither sustained at

higher level nor at lower level. For the upcoming week 2600 $ and 2400$ are the crucial supports

and 3200$ and 3400$ are crucial resistance in COMEX Silver. In MCX Silver 56000 and 58000 will act as major resistance and 48000 and 45000 will act as major supports.

Technically COMEX Silver is consolidating on charts. For the next week traders can use buy on lower level strategy if Silver sustains above the level of 2940$ an ounce, then above 2975$ COMEX Silver can test the level of 3025/3080/3140$ an ounce. And in MCX Silver sustains above 54000 then it can test the level of 54500/55200/56000, Trade by keeping the proper stop losses.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crude Updates and MCX Gold Silver Trend Today

Political crisis in Iran and inventory reduction in US has supported the Crude oil prices in the international market. However strengthening of rupee against dollar has brought domestic crude prices under pressure. Currently on NYMAX crude oil has risen above $102. Despite the slight decline on MCX crude oil remains above Rs 5,400.
A decline has been seen in precious metals in the domestic commodity market. However COMEX gold has risen above $1615. In the evening trade we can expect some bullish run in bullion metals.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MCX Commodity Updates for Today: Copper and Silver declined

After a positive trading session for a while, Gold prices witnessed corrective selling and subdued the positive trend. Silver On MCX is trading lower with a loss of nearly 1%. Below 52500, a short selling is suggested in Silver MCX. Copper has also declined and trading around its support level of 409. a trade below this level may invite more downside in copper commodity. As far as prices prevails the 409.50 level, copper may regain the bullish momentum again.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MCX Crude Oil Updates and Gold Silver Trend Today

Following the international market trend, Crude Oil has recovered strongly on MCX. With more than 1.4% rise MCX crude is trading above 5400 level. NYMAX crude is also up nearly 2%. Precious metals are also in bullish trend.With nearly 1% rise, MCX Gold is trading near 27640 while silver mcx has already gained around 2% to trade above 52400. A consistent trade above 52450 with volume may extend this bullish trend till 53000-53500 in near term.

Monday, January 2, 2012

MCX Commodity Updates for Today

Crude Oil is trading slightly lower on MCX and so is MCX Gold. Silver is trading with positive bias and its march contract is trading around 51150 level. A trade above 51250 will be required to persuade traders to start buying in MCX Silver. Copper trend is looking bullish. As long as prices prevail 406 level, we can expect prices to reach up to 408-409.50 for the day.
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