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Monday, February 14, 2011

Most Active Scraps in MCX, Precious Metals Continue Lead Market

In mcx precious metals (gold,silver) continue hike as well as continue lead the commodity boom, now almost all mcx traders has question in mind that the gold and silver where does stand. About the gold already attained its peak levels so that downward journey is possible. And in silver continue lead commodity market.

Most active scrap in mcx where we can play also earn money

2.Gold,copper&Natural gas
3.Crude Oil

price on 14-02-2011at 8:10pm

Silver price Expiry 05 march 2011 contract

Expiry Month Unit Open High Lower LTP

05march2011 1kg 45420 45968 45347 45871

Gold price Expiry 05 April 2011 contract

05april2011 10grms 20325 20366 20282 20346
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