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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MCX Gold and Silevr Report for trading today | trading Strategy

MCX Commodity Call Intraday 
Buy Gold At 21900, Target 22200, Stoploss 21750

Buy Silver At 52700, Target 53200, Stoploss 52500

Buy Copper At 406, Target 410, Stoploss 400 
MCX Bullion Report
 Gold - Silver has come back strongly. 5 weeks on the lower level, after touching $ 12 went gold COMEX has over 1490 dollars. Silver quarter with the consolidation of two percent is to be upwards of $ 34. Dollar weakness is getting support from the precious metals. However, gold in the domestic market is below Rs 22,000, while silver is not able to cross Rs 53,000.
Crude Oil report
Crude oil in 12 weeks faster than the lower level is returned. Although the crude oil below $ 100 is NYMEX. Rs 4,400 on MCX crude oil is busy trying to stay up.
Basemetals report Click To Read More About Copper
Base Metals business is on edge today. MCX Metal 1 and a quarter per cent copper, including all the above. Zinc is the most looking. Strength in international markets is to get the benefit of domestic metal. Indeed, the weakness of the euro against the dollar I have been getting support. U.S. estimates put pressure on the dollar is the worst housing figgers.
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MCX Support and Resistance For Bullion | MCX Gold and Silver tips

Gold does U-turn, slides as dollar firms.
Copper fell on Tuesday.
Aluminium stocks hit new record high.
LME copper stocks grew by 500 tonnes.
Oil dips on worries over world growth. MCX Silver Tips More at 48000
Gold reversed course on Tuesday to fall after a rally in the dollar exacerbated a sell-off in the already-fragile commodity complex and offset the positive impact on bullion of the concern over the euro zone debt crisis. The dollar rose to session highs against the euro, drawing strength from a decline in equities and commodities. Copper fell on Tuesday along with a drop across the commodities complex as weak U.S. data and a rising dollar against a basket of currencies weighed on markets. Oil prices slid more than 2 percent on Tuesday as the dollar strengthened and weak economic data fueled concerns about demand that have helped push prices down by around 15 percent so far in May.
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