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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Commodities Trading tips with Technical Analysis

MCX Silver,gold,copper,nickel Calls For Evening
MCX Silver (May ): Buy - 56 100, Stoploss - 55950 target - 56 300
MCX Gold (April ): Buy - 20950, Stoploss - 20 900 target - 21 100
MCX Copper (April ): Buy - 439, Stoploss - 437 target - 443-445
MCX nickel (March ): Buy - 1214, Stoploss - 1205 target - 1225
 Commodities trading News of Today
Silver has today reached a new high. Record levels of silver in the spot market have touched Rs 56 200. Silver on MCX is trading at record levels. COMEX 37 silver dollars across the 31-year record level has been. While Gold is trading slow in today.
Commodities of today, silver tops. Futures and spot silver is trading at record levels.
Wednesday due to deteriorating situation in the Middle East, Asia, oil prices reached the highest level of two and a half years.
NYMEX crude oil at close to 106 dollars a barrel to close. Currently, crude oil remains above 105 dollars.
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MCX Support and Resistance For today

 MCX  Market updates | MCX Gold Free tips
Gold near record, silver above $37 .
U.S. single-family home sales hit record low .
Copper rose over 2 percent to a two-week high .
Aluminium hits more than 2 year high .
Crude oil trading above 106$ .
Gold rose to within a whisker of its all-time high on Wednesday, as disappointing U.S. housing data, renewed euro zone debt fears and ongoing Western air strikes on Libya increased the metal's safe-haven appeal. Copper rose over 2 percent to a two-week high on Wednesday as investors focused on risk and zeroed in on metals with brightening fundamentals, which also included aluminium and lead. Read More:-FREE MCX-NCDEX  Intraday Call On Mobile Click Here
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