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Monday, May 2, 2011

MCX Silver Decline 6 % | MCX Commodity tips today

MCX Intraday call today
MCX Silver Sale 66540 Stoploss 6700 Target 65500
MCX Market updates today

Today The sharp decline in silver. On MCX, silver is trading down almost 6 per cent. While around 1.5 per cent decline in gold. The impact of overseas market crashed on domestic business.

Base Metals Copper is also trading down nearly 1 percent. Although guar seed is strongly accelerated.

Silver May futures on MCX at the beginning of the sharp drop of nearly 8 per cent, with the pound has slipped below Rs 65,000. On April 25 after touching record levels, nearly 13 percent decline in silver has. The pressure of foreign market crashed domestic prices.
  why Silver decline 

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