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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MCX Basemetals News and tips today

Silver Buy above 67320 Stoploss  67100 Target 68000   68150
 Copper (May ): Sell - 420, Stoploss - 427 Target – 410-407
Crude Oil (May ): Buy - 4980, Stoploss - 4920 Target – 5090

Today copper base metal is Hot in market . Today's sharp decline in copper. In fact, the decline in international market impact of metal in the domestic business is visible. Japan's poor economic figures and the Standard & Poor's credit rating from bad to let go of the copper is under pressure. U.S. Federal Reserve meeting with many issues regarding the economy on which much confusion remains Honewale announced.
 Gold - Silver Light strengthening returned. Gold in the domestic market to international markets quickly - is to find the silver support. However, the rapid strengthening of rupee is limited. Today the market will look at the U.S. Federal Reserve meeting in which U.S. economic conditions, interest rates and 600 billion dollars bailout package could be announced to withdraw. This last session because of fear created pressure on gold and silver show has dropped 10 per cent.

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