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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MCX basemetals Intraday call for today

Buy aluminium april above 118 target 118.50 stoploss 117.25

Buy Lead 125.50 Target 126.50 Stoploss 125

Buy Nickel 1175 target 1180 Stoploss 1173 

buy base metal copper aluminuim zinc nickel

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MCX Precious Metals Market highlights | MCX Intraday Call

MCX Zink call For intraday Enter Soon

Buy zinc april above 107.50 target 108.35 stoploss 106.85

Precious Metals Gold and silver both are trading at record levels. December silver futures on MCX at Rs 60,000 per kg of the critical level is broken. While December gold futures have been over Rs 22 400. Boom in foreign markets got support domestic prices. COMEX the silver has risen to $ 40. While gold is trading around $ 1460. Base Metals Trading on the upper level.

Crude oil boom has subsided and crude oil slipped below the $ 108 level. Crude oil at the moment NYMEX 30 months after arriving at the highest levels with the decline of nearly half cent to 107.85 dollars a barrel has come. While Brent crude in the international market is intact and that nearly half percent faster with strength has reached a level of 122.22 dollars a barrel.
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MCX Commodities Trading tips for today | MCX Bullion Newsletter

MCX Bullion and Basemetals newsletter highlights

Gold rises to record above $1,450 on inflation fears .
Silver hits 31-year peaks.
Copper rose on Tuesday on prospects for improved demand in Asia .
Copper in LME warehouses at highest since July.
Oil prices rose to 2-1/2 year highs .
Lead hits new multi week high .
Gold prices rose to an all-time highs above $1,450 an ounce on Tuesday, as new peaks in crude oil and grains fueled inflation fears and a downgrade of Portugal's credit rating fed safe-haven demand. Silver has outperformed gold in recent months, rising 22 percent in the first quarter compared with gold's 0.7 percent. Copper rose on Tuesday on prospects for improved demand in Asia, recovering from losses earlier in the day after China announced an interest rate hike. Oil prices rose to fresh 2-1/2 year highs on Tuesday, with Brent crude topping $122 a barrel as unrest in oil exporting countries in the Middle East and Africa outweighed China's fourth interest rate hike since October. 
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