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Monday, May 23, 2011

MCX Silver Call | MCX Market Outlook Today

MCX Silver Intraday Call For Today

Buy Silver Above 53150 Stoploss 52800 Target 53400

Basemetals Outlook
Metals, including Copper is a decline in trading Today. MCX copper at nearly 1 percent decline. I strongly and demand in the coming days in dollar projected to drop below 1 per cent copper at Elma down is dropped down to 9000 dollars perton. That lead, nickel and zinc also declined by 1 per cent.
Crude oil Outlook
The effect of foreign markets fall in crude prices is having on domestic business. Crude oil has come down to $ 100. While the 111 dollar Crude is trading.
Gold and silver business is slow today. That too has seen a marginal decline in silver. MCX Silver 60000 This Week Read More: Click Here

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