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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Commodity Copper Updates and Trading Strategy for Coming Week

Copper is in a consolidation phase and traders should use the strategy of sell on higher levels. Last week COMEX Copper was able to sustain at lower levels. If next week COMEX Copper prevails the downside trend and remains below the level of 325 then below the level of 321 Copper can test the level of 316/311/305. 
In MCX, Copper sustains below 388 then it can test the level of 383/378/373 if it does not break the level of 402 on the upside.

For the upcoming week 355 and 375 will act as major resistance and 310 and 290 will act as major supports in COMEX.
Copper. For MCX Copper major resistance would be 410 and 430 and supports would be found at 370and 355.
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