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Thursday, June 9, 2011

MCX Silver Call For Just Now

Buy Silver Above 56000 Stoploss 55800 Target 56180 56350 56500

MCX Technical Analysis

MCX Base metals trade mostly down | Earn From this trend

Baemetals trading downword on MCX Read More 
Aluminium June trade at 118.20 per kg, down Rs .6 and trading in the range of 119.4 to 118.30 per kg. and Volume 2,600.

Copper June trade at Rs 402.60 per kg, down Rs 2.90 and trading in the range of Rs 406.40- 402.20 per kg volume Total volume 55,222 lots.

Lead June traded at Rs 115.55 per kg, up Re 0.10 and traded between Rs 116.00- 114.90 per kg.volumes recorded 9,424 lots.

Nickel June traded at Rs 1,020.40 per kg, down Rs 3.30 and traded between Rs 1,028.50- 1,016.60 per kg. Total volumes recorded 27,430 lots.

Zinc June traded at Rs 101.80 per kg, down Re 0.20 and traded between Rs 102.20- 101.40 per kg. Total volume recorded so far 7,873 lots.
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MCX Commodity Market Strategy and Call For Today

Gold and Silver Index Analysis When Trade into >
MCX Intraday Call For Today 9 June Evening Roundup
MCX Gold (August): Buy - Above 22,500, Stoploss -22450 target - 22600
MCX Copper (June): Sell -Blow 405, Stoploss - 408.50 Target - 400
MCX Index outlook
COMDEX is trading up by 7.86 points, or 0.23%, at 3,480.45 after opening at 3,472.51.
MCX Bullion Market Watch
 Today Silver Recovered By 4400 To 55,100 per Kg Due To Global trend While Gold Decline By 30 to 22650 per 10 Gram due to sluggish demand at existing high levels.
Buying activity in silver gathered momentum as the metal prices rose in global markets amid fresh buying by Traders and jewellers for the marriage season, traders said.

Gold in global markets, which normally sets a price trend on the domestic front, declined by USD 1.

MCX Commodity Newsletter Today 9 June 2011

Yesterday's News Highlights
Gold fell on Wednesday
ECB meeting expected to flag rate rise in July
LME copper prices fell 2 percent on Wednesday
dollar was up against a basket of currencies
Crude oil trading above 101$
MCX Comdex Index
MCX Metal index was down by 1.27% to 4,476.85 points
MCX Energy index was down by 0.27% to 3,159.22 points
agro-commodities was down by 0.74% to 3,433.93 points 
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Gold August 11 contract was down by 0.41% to Rs 22,478 per 10 grams, GoldM July 11 contract was down by 0.42% to Rs 22,366 per 10 grams, Gold guinea July 11 contract was down by 0.35% to Rs 18,107 per 8 grams and Gold Petal June 11 contract was down by 0.27% to Rs 2,256 per gram.

Silver July 11 contract was down by 2.42% to Rs 53,311 per kg, SilverM June 11 contract was down by 2.39% to Rs 53,343 per kg and SilverMIC June 11 contract was down by 2.39% to Rs 53,358 per kg.
copper June 11 contract was up by 0.14% to Rs 407.20 per kg while nickel June 11 contract was down by 0.76% to Rs 1019.00 per kg.

Natural gas July 11 contract was down by 0.83% to Rs 216.30 per MMBTU and crude oil July 11 contract was down by 0.59% to Rs 4,529 per barrel.
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