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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crude Updates & MCX Gold Silver Tips

MCX Gold is trading on lower levels. With a slowdown in gold on MCX is trading around Rs 28820, while the silver is leading of half per cent is trading around Rs 61100.
Technically Gold and silver Both metals are looking positive.
The initial decline in crude oil is still intact. Crude oil in the domestic market with around 1 per cent is trading near Rs 5277. Traders can take it as an opportunity to buy on dips. Accumulating crude around 5220-5200 would give a chance for Intraday traders to snatch some gain from the market.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Commodity MCX Updates Today & Gold Silver Trend

MCX crude surged today and with more than 1.3% rise in domestic market, mcx crude oil has risen above 5350 level. International crude is also trading above $108 per barrel. Traders Can buy crude at lower levels.
Precious metals started the day with decline. With nearly half percent decline, MCX Gold is trading near 28700 while MCX silver is moving around 58400 level.
We can see some upside during evening trades therefore day traders can initiate their positions at lower level and wait for upside.
In Base metals, One can buy copper above above 411.50 for the targets of 414.50-416.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

MCX Crude and Copper Updates Today

After a lethargic start, MCX copper ended up with a gain of more than 1% and we can expect this upside momentum to continue in today's trade also. Prices are likely to touch 414.50-416.50 so traders can take their positions accordingly.
With Iran's ceasing the supply of oil to UK and France, Crude oil futures extended its northward journey, Technically domestic MCX Crude is looking positive and prices are likely to remain under the range of 5172-5255. Traders can buy crude around 5200 level for the targets of 5240-5255.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Crude Updates and MCX Gold Silver Tips

A lacklustre trade has been seen in Crude oil prices. With a decline of more than 0.40%, crude futures is trading near 4910 level and a trade below 4900 can deepen this downside. While on NYMAX , crude is trading with the gain of nearly 1%. Precious metals are also in decline mode. Silver futures, below the level of Rs. 56450, can slip down to 56000 and even below for today.
Gold futures is trading above 28100 and has declined over 0.40% . It is looking bullish above 28150 only while inability to sustain above 28100 would invite more downside in this bullion metal.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MCX Updates Today: Copper is Up along with Other base metals

Silver after coming out of its early lethargic trade is now trading above 57600 level. MCX Gold has also put on moderate gains and hovering around 28400 level. Though during evening trade, we can expect prices of bullion metals to raise significantly.

In Domestic market Nickel Futures have gone up more than 1.30 per cent, while copper and lead have been up about 1 per cent and 1.50% respectively..

Crude prices are likely to prevail its upside momentum and one can buy Copper Futures above 424.50 for the target of 427.50.

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