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Friday, December 30, 2011

MCX Gold Silver Trend Today and Copper Updates

The effect of strengthening gold and Silver in international market is also being witnessed in in MCX as well. With a gain of more than 1.5% Gold has moves above 27200 while silver is trading around 51150. Precious metals are likely to prevail the momentum in near term.
Also there is a surge in crude oil and copper commodity. Copper Trend is positive and above 404.50 it may test 409 level soon.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Commodity Gold Silver Trend and Base Metals Updates For Today

Sharp decline has been seen in gold and Silver commodities.Spot and futures market price of gold has fallen below 27000 level. The silver price has slipped below Rs 50,000. Strengthening of the dollar in the international market has pushed the prices of gold and silver down to lower levels of 3 months.

In base metals copper has declined by 0.5 per cent and is trading around Rs 397.50. Nickel and lead on MCX is trading with the lethargy. On the MCX, crude oil has dominated the lethargy and has built over 5300.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MCX Commodity Updates Today: Crude serges, Gold Silver declined Again

Crude oil has risen sharply. price has reached a level of Rs .5,400 on MCX. International market is also in bullish trend. NYMAX crude oil price has reached above $100 per Barrel .Reserves of crude in the United States is projected to decline.

Gold and silver are trading lower again. MCX Gold and Silver have declined in volume. Precious metals trend in International markets is also weak. MCX has remained firm in the base metals except zinc and lead are now looking sluggish.

Commodity Crude Updates and Trading Strategy for Today

International crude traded near highest of two weeks on the back of US economic recovery outlook. In domestic market also crude oil surged on Tuesday and crossed 5350 level.

Support for crude is seen near 5340 level and resistance is near 5420. Traders can Buy crude oil on lowers levels.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Copper Updates and Trend for Today

The trade action for Copper MCX is seems to be choppy and lacklustre. Still Since the US commodity market is open today, we can not expect a plunge for today still prices may target 403.50 on downside to take a rebound. The Short term trend for Copper is positive. Traders can adopt buy on dips strategy.

MCX Commodity Market Trend Today

Indian commodity market remained consolidated in a choppy session. The market is likely to trade sideways in today's session as well. Due to the Christmas holidays and new year, US market
sludgy and the same effect can be seen on MCX as well.

Crude oil can be an option for traders to trade with and it can move in range of 5040-5420 on MCX

Monday, December 26, 2011

MCX Commodity Newsletter- Gold and Silver Updates

MCX Gold and Silver commodities are in sideways trend. MCX Gold February contract is hovering around 27770 level wit slight decline. Silver MCX march futures is above 53100 level. A choppy consolidate trading is expected in silver commodity also.

Copper is showing a slight momentum. Traders can buy Copper above 409 level .

Friday, December 23, 2011

MCX Commmodity Updates Today: MCX Silver and Gold are Positive, Copper Crude, Oil serged again

Bullion metals are trading higher on MCX. Gold is trading around 27750-800 and prices can touch the level of 27850-900 today.

Uptrend has been seen so far in MCX Silver and this precious metal has jumped up more than 0.50 %. Trading above 53500 would yield more upside momentum in MCX silver.

MCX Crude oil is prevailing its bullish trend and it is looking forward to breach 5300 level today.

Copper prices are also in upside trend. Copper has breached the resistance of 404.50 and now heading towards 409 level.

MCX commodity Updates and commodities Trend Today

MCX Copper ended green on domestic commodity market and touched 400 mark. Today, copper may extend this positive trend steadily to run towards 403-404.50 level.
Nickel on The other hand gave up all the gains of the day and declined over 1% by the end of the day. Still Nickel is a strong recommendation for buying and we can expect prices to cover up losses today.
Gold and Silver traded lower on MCX. The precious metals are likely to prevail this trend. Crude oil again boosted up.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Commodity Newsletter For Today- Copper Updates

Copper rose sharply on Tuesday. On LME it witnessed 1.7% rise. The Favourable economic data and positive cues led copper to trade higher. Today Copper is trading above 396 mark which is favouring more upside. For last couple of weeks copper was consolidating near 395 which has broken now.

Negative inventory data from LME also supported copper prices.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MCX Commodity News and Trading Updates for Today

Positive cues from the international market led commodities in domestic market to trade higher. After successfully crossing 27800 level today, Gold is now heading towards 27900-28000 level. A concrete trade above the same will invite further gain in MCX Gold.
Silver is in Intraday bull trend and has gained almost 1%. Trading above 53500 and targeting 53800-5400 would be feasible for day traders.
Today.Nickel can be a best option to trade in. This base metal is likely to cross 1000 level easily. So one can go for long in MCX Nickel also.

Monday, December 19, 2011

MCX Silver and Gold Tips for Today

Precious metals suffered a sharp decline today. MCX Silver has been declined almost 2% and trading around 52700 level while MCX Gold has moved below 27600 level. Below 52650 level silver may slip down to 52200-52000 level while for a recovery move, prices will have to breach 53500 level.

Gold, below 27350 level, is likely to prevail negative trend while above 27750 traders can go for long position in MCX Gold.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Commodity Copper Updates and Trading Strategy for Coming Week

Copper is in a consolidation phase and traders should use the strategy of sell on higher levels. Last week COMEX Copper was able to sustain at lower levels. If next week COMEX Copper prevails the downside trend and remains below the level of 325 then below the level of 321 Copper can test the level of 316/311/305. 
In MCX, Copper sustains below 388 then it can test the level of 383/378/373 if it does not break the level of 402 on the upside.

For the upcoming week 355 and 375 will act as major resistance and 310 and 290 will act as major supports in COMEX.
Copper. For MCX Copper major resistance would be 410 and 430 and supports would be found at 370and 355.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Commodity News Updates: Gold Silver Trend for Today

The Indian commodity market is running with mixed sentiments today. After the initial sharp decline , some recovery has been seen in Gold and Silver metals . Domestic market has seen a marginal decline in gold. Gold prices have moved below 27500 level. While silver is trading at a slight edge. Silver on MCX with a slight bounce is trading above Rs 53600. Because of the strengthening rupee against the dollar, gold - silver had declined significantly during the early trading. Both Gold and silver are trading with negative bias.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bullion Updates and MCX Gold and Silver Trading Tips for Today

A massive decline has been seen in precious metals. Silver with nearly 1.5% decline, trading near 53500 and a consistent trade below the same would bring more downside in MCX Silver. While MCX gold has lost nearly 1% and moved below 28000 level. On Comex also, Gold has been dropped to $1570 level. We would suggest days traders to take their positions cautiously.
Buy Gold only above 28200 while sell below 27850. you can sell silver below 53150 while above 53800 go for buy.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Commodity Gold and Slver Updates Today

MCX Gold has been in decline mode from beginning of today's trade.  Gold on MCX with the decline of more than half per cent, is trading around Rs 28660. Comex Gold in the international market also has plummeted to $1,650. Despite record growth in rupee against the dollar, weakness is not getting back to sleep. Silver trend is negative and nealy 1% decline hase been seen in domestic market, with silver trading near Rs 56000 level. Traders can sell silver below 56000 level while above 56200 Silver may witness some upside.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MCX Commodity Updates for Today

Crude has been in upside mode from the every beginning of today's trading session. MCX Crude oil has climbed up more than half percent and trading above 5235 level.

Strengthening of dollar against rupee supported the Bullion prices and both Gold and Silver are trading green in MCX.

Base metals are up and Copper might touch 412 above 409.50 level. 

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Commodity Updates: Gold Silver Tips for Today

Gold and Silver Commodity closed in negative note. MCX Gold Feb contract declined nearly 1% and MCX silver did 1.5%. Today precious metals may take short covering move and we can expect some upside in these two metals. Silver if prevails 56000 level and manages to stay above 56350 then prices can touch 56700-850 today. Buy Gold above 28870 TG-29090-29150 while below 28700 go for short selling.

Monday, December 12, 2011

MCX Commodity News and Live prices for Today

Initial rapid rise in base metals has now been ceased. A decline has been in in all the metals traded on MCX. Copper with nearly 1.3% decline, trading around 407 level while MCX nickel has lost nearly 1.5 % to trade around 957 level. Other base metals like zinc and lead also have declined nearly 1%.

Commodity Gold and Silver declined sharply today. Silver with 1% decline and Gold with 0.60% decline trading around 56360 and 28930 respectively.

Friday, December 9, 2011

MCX Commodity News : Base Metals Surged Today

Base Metals trading is trading with positive bias today. With almost 1% gain, Copper on MCX is trading at Rs 410. The nickel, lead and zinc have also seen good rise.
If we look at the past few trading sessions, the earnings in the current round of base metals are more visible spot. Copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and nickel consumption is around the world. Impact on the economic activities of these metals, which is visible and affecting the price movement.
During Last 1.5 months, Copper has grown by 20 per cen. Nearly 11 per cent rise in nickel in the same period have been recorded.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Copper Updates Today and Trading Tips

On MCX, Copper Commodity (Feb Contract) started with strong note and made a high of 412.70. Day traders can adopt strategy of buy on dip in copper metal. One can buy this base metal around 409-409.50 for the target of 412.50-414. In broad perspective also, Copper is likely to remain bullish.

Monday, December 5, 2011

MCX Commodity Gold Silver News and Trading Tips

Gold and silver have been sluggish since the beginning of the session today. With slight decline on MCX, Gold futures is trading at Rs 29150. In the domestic market, silver is trading at Rs 57175. On International market also a slight decline has been seen in in COMEX gold, and Silver . The over all trend is consolidated .

Buy Gold above 29170 TG-29250-300 SL- below 29100 else below 29000 go for sell

Buy Silver above 57300 TG-57600-57800 else below 56800 go for sell .

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Commmodity daily Newsletter for Today

Domestic commodity Market performed well on the last trading day of the week. Gold and Silver have been risen 0.25% and a rise of more than 0.50 % is seen in crude oil prices.
Both The commodities are looking positive for Next trading session.

Copper remained range bound and ended with slight loss. On Monday, copper may remain positive above 409 level.

NYMAX Crude has bee strengthen due to increasing unemployment rate in America. NYMAX crude has surpassed $101 level.

Friday, December 2, 2011

MCX Commodity Copper Updates and Trading Tips for Today

The downtrend seen in Copper on yesterday has vanished away today due to weakenign dollar. LME copper has reached upto $8000 per tonn. On domestic market also Copper with nearly 1.20% rise, is trading around 409.50. Metals other than copper in base metals is also gained. On MCX, aluminum, nickel, lead and zinc are trading with a rise of more than half per cent.

One can Buy copper above 409.50 for TG- 412.50 Stoploss below 406.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Commodity Gold and Silver Updates Today: MCX Tips

On MCX, selling pressure is being seen in gold. International market is having an impact on the domestic market and prices started falling down again. But Prices are still trading above 29000 mark
Silver on MCX has recovered to some extent .  In international market, Silver has gained significantly today result of which has been seen in MCX as well. In domestic market silver is trading above 55500 level. If it manages to stay above the same in consistent way, we can expect prices to touch 56000 soon.

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MCX Commodity Trading Tips For Today

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