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Thursday, February 24, 2011

MCX Tips |MCX Trend|MCX bullion Live Price |MCX Gold price Chart | MCX gold rate today's ' market news 24 feb 2011

1. Now Mixed trends in Base metals.
2. MCX Precious Metals are expected to rise.
3. MCX LEAD price are expected to low.
4. MCX GOLD likely to move higher Gold trade up.
5. MCX Gold can be trade in low at closing time today.
6. MCX today's evening round up play in low.
  Since reaching new highs at the end of 2010 Gold and Silver have been sold off, and the selling has been particularly intense in beginning of the year 2011. The poor news on the economy is almost completely bullish for the precious metals. From the price action in last month one might be falsely directed to believe that investment demand for the precious metals is waning. On the contrary the data analysis is quite reveals strong indications of growing shortages and furthermore that the Gold and Silver markets are approaching tipping points that will lead to a rushing of price appreciation in coming months.
Spot Gold held on top of this week's early rise again on Wednesday, pushing back above $1400 per ounce as world equity markets fell and crude oil rose to new two-year highs as fresh anti-government protests hit the gulf state of Bahrain.
Gold rallied in the previous session closed almost one percent higher in last session as tensions rose in Libya and on expectations that tension across the Arab world may slow down economic recovery.
Demand for yellow metal as safe haven has increased in the current month as economy is witnessing turmoil on various fronts. Gold also gained on news that top metal consumer China may hike its interest rates in the near term.
Spot Gold opened higher today and traded positive during initial hours. Spot Gold rose by 0.05 percent to 1416.83 USD per ounce. Movement in Gold is now being driven by geopolitical factors.
Crisis going on in North Africa and Middle East may push yellow metal higher in the near term. Safe haven buying in white metal may also continue in the near term and the same may outperform gold. As far as the general argument is concerned, the unrest in the Middle East is spreading and markets worldwide are pretty nervous. Fears of shortages as disorder moves across oil-producing nations drove up the price of crude in last 3 days, while other investors fled risky assets and sought the safe haven of Gold. MCX Tips for Today

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