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Monday, September 12, 2011

Gold Global News comes from New York - Central Banks and Money managers incresing their positions

MCX bullion : New York data - Central Banks are buying gold and increasing quantities of Gold and Money manager having raise their positions.
CFTC data released on Friday showed that Money managers and hedge funds increased their long positions in gold for the first time in 5 weeks. Net position rose 1.3% to 197,844 contracts as compared to last week.
In 2011, the European banks became net buyers of Gold first time since 1999 indicating that the economic crisis may continue longer than expected.

MCX Commodity Market Highlights - Copper , Silver and Gold Tips For Today

Today on MCX Copper is trading declining around 1 %.  London Metal Exchange fell to the pressure on the domestic business is visible. Indeed, the problem of debt crisis in Europe is taking not only the name of Canton. And then the world's largest mines strike has been averted.

Gold and Silver News updates and Report/Call
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