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Friday, April 1, 2011

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With manufacturing in China picking up pace for the first time in four months, copper rose on the LME paring a first-quarter price decline. The metal had lost 1.8% in the January-to-March period. 

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Dollar weakness, Due to Middle East Asian countries due to reports of stress and debt crisis in Europe, gold - silver rapidly entered the record. 1.1 percent in gold has been strong, the silver 31 years have reached record levels.
1.1 percent on COMEX gold $ 15 with the strong dollar has reached 1439.90. A total 2.1 percent in February, gold has been strong. COMEX while the silver with 1 per cent to 37.89 dollars per ounce reached quickly 31 years has touched record levels. 22 percent during the last quarter of the total silver rapidly entered.

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Gold was set for a tenth straight quarterly gain on Thursday, rising by nearly 1 percent as the dollar weakened and concern over euro zone sovereign debt and unrest across the Middle East encouraged buying. Copper rose on Thursday as dollar weakness attracted non-U.S. buyers after earlier hitting a two-week low on worries about soft  Chinese demand. Market highlights 
Gold recovers as dollar slips Today.
The dollar fell 0.2 percent against a basket of major currencies .
Copper rose on Thursday as dollar weakness .
Aluminium near highest since Sept 2008.
Oil prices rose on Thursday .
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