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Monday, May 16, 2011

MCX Gold and Silver Highlights Today | Bullion Tips

MCX Silver Call Intraday
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 Gold - Silver is trading in fall. Silver and gold in the domestic market at Rs 53,000 Rs 22,000 have reached the bottom. In international markets, gold - silver is trading mixed today. COMEX the gold has come down to $ 1500. Silver also slid below $ 35 is the same
Base Metals also has seen sharp fall. MCX Metal in all over a quarter of 1 percent decline being. MCX Silver Will Reach less than 50000 Read More full Report

Pressure drop in crude oil and continues today. NYMEX the crude oil remains below $ 100. Brent crude is not able to crossed the $ 113. Strengthening of the euro against the dollar due to the pressure on crude oil has been observed.
Also in Iraq this year, 3 million barrels of crude oil production increased 30 million barrels per day is estimated to be expressed. Moreover, U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday in the country to increase crude oil production has also announced to Tariko. All this because crude oil has seen the tenderness.
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