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Saturday, April 23, 2011

MCX Bullion Weekly nreport Technical and Fundamental 25 April to 30 April 2011

Spot Gold held steady on Friday in holiday-thinned trade, after hitting record highs in five consecutive sessions, supported by a weak dollar and a
list of other supporting factors, including geopolitical uncertainties and inflation concerns.
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MCX Silver Will Reach 100000 ... And Silver trading Tips

50 percent this year and has already this month, a return of 20 per cent are ever-increasing price of silver. Analysts believe that by the end of the year Rs 1,00,000 silver levels will easily touch.

Don't wonder Thousands of silver in the market now. The judge is preparing lakh. Silver Bullion Market and the crowd was forced to shine. The trend of investors increased to such an extent that the price of silver stop taking names. Silver Rose going to touch a new height this month has increased 20 per cent.

Nearly 80 per cent in the past year to return the silver to about 50 per cent so far this year has been costly. So the question is whether the silver looking back up it say too dificult.

Actually the whole game is $. U.S. economy slowdown in Europe and the world's 6 major currency this year, nearly 4.5 percent against the dollar has weakened. Industrial demand for silver holds up so silver, gold is moving beyond. So given the track record of profitability where investors got the opportunity, there are placing bets on silver. Although the sense of rising investment risks as well as silver are on the rise. So everyone is expected to decline. But when and how will this fall. Hard to say.

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