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Monday, March 21, 2011

MCX Silver Call | MCX commodity Market updates on Mobile

MCX Silver has been reached in at upper trend since the last six weeks making Higher tops and higher bottoms. The price is making an upward sloping trend which is providing a trading band for the price.period RSI is currently above the level of 50 which indicates strength in the price.
So that, Silver looks best future gains and buying on dips would be advisable.

Strategy - Go long on dips towards Rs.52,300-Rs.52,500 levels, Target Rs.55,400, with the stop loss closing below Rs.51,200 level.
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MCX Bullion Call For Today | MCX Market updates | Impact of Japan's crisis On MCX

MCX Call For Evening Round 
MCX silver (May Futures): Below Buy - 53 601, Stoploss - 53 251  Target - 54 180
Gold MCX (April Futures): Below Buy - 20 900, Stoploss - 20 835  Target - 21 090
MCX Crude Oil, Gold, Silver Market Updates Today
Top commodity of today's crude oil. On MCX, crude oil has increased 1.5 per cent. While silver even closer with rapid turnover is 1.5 per cent. Lead to estimates of demand in Japan has appreciated by nearly 1.5 per cent. Base Metals Lead the business is on the edge today.

Today Crude oil has gone up strongly. With 1.5 percent up at MCX, crude oil has crossed Rs 4600. NYMEX While the crude oil is trading around $ 103. Behind the boom in crude oil prices now mainly responsible Jiyopulitykal tension is believed to be the largest. During the past month, nearly 18 per cent up on crude oil has been found.
Gold and silver have gone up strongly today. MCX gold at Rs 21,000 with about half per cent growth to have reached. While around 1.5 per cent in silver leaping. The effect of the boom in foreign markets has had on domestic business.
Japan's crisis is causing the rest of the world is no use. Hopefully now steel and copper prices will come down.
Japan's largest iron ore and copper is Enpoertar. Japanese steel companies, 13 per cent and 9 per cent of world copper Import do.
Demand from Japanese companies is a sign of decline because their plant closed for several days running. If this happens in other countries, including India, iron ore and copper prices will decrease.
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