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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crude Oil , Gold and Silver Market Analysis report and Tips For Today 8 Sep 2011

Crude oil Trading tips
The initial rapid decline in crude oil. On NYMEX the crude oil is trading below 90 dollars a barrel. On MCX, crude oil still remains above Rs 4100.
Experts believe that oil prices could continue. Hurricane in America there are other concerns about the supply of crude oil. Also, American Petroleum Institute has produced a reduction in reserves. U.S. Energy Department report will look at the market.
Gold Market Report
After Wednesday's sharp decline in gold has gone up today. Gold on MCX is trading above Rs 27,500. On COMEX the gold prices of $ 1,835 levels.
Silver Analysis news and Tips
Silver prices have also strengthened. MCX silver remains above Rs 64,700. COMEX the silver price has moved closer to $ 42.

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