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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MCX Precious metals call Today Evening Round up | MCX Index Calculation

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MCX Index
At the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), COMDEX is trading up by 23.61 points, or 0.69%, at 3,447.35 after opening at 3,428.40.
Today In MCX Metals including MCX Copper Metal in trading Strong growth seen. Copper is trading with 1.5 percent growth. While business is better seen in silver, silver, about 2.5 per cent growth today.MCX Silver 60000 This Week Read More Click Here
MCX Basemetals
Other index like MCXMETAL is trading upward by 47.86 points, or 1.07%, at 4,515.76 after opening at 4,472.82. Meanwhile MCXENERGY is trading up 17.91 points, or 0.57%, at 3,163.71 after opening at 3,151.61. MCXAGRI is trading down by 8.97 points, or 0.35%, at 2,567.11 after opening at 2,575.41.
MCX Commodity News
MCX Metal half per cent on all business with the edge are visible. Despite the strong euro against the dollar has appreciated by copper nearly half per cent.
On MCX, crude oil is trading with the half-cent edge. However Enaymeckas percent decline in the crude oil. 
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