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Thursday, May 5, 2011

MCX Calls For today evening | Gold and Silver Special report

MCX crude oil (May ): Sell - 4800, Stoploss - 4868 Target - 4720

MCX Natural Gas (May ): Sell - 204, Stoploss - 207 Target - 195

MCX Copper (June ): Sell – 412.50, Stoploss - 415 Target - 405

MCX Market updates Today
May silver futures expiry today has come down from Rs 59,000 expressions. While the July silver futures trading today is much faster but there is declining trend. COMEX also has slipped below the silver $ 40. But gold has been shopping at lower levels.

Crude oil continues to fall. On MCX, crude oil has come down the sense of Rs 4900. U.S. stocks surge in crude prices is the pressure. NYMEX the crude oil has come down from $ 110. Natural gas is the sharp decline. While the Base Metals business is also declining.

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