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Saturday, May 7, 2011

MCX Bullion last Week Report

Gold and silver prices have stopped declining series. 1491 dollar gold and silver are trading at $ 36.

On Friday COMEX silver prices are about 2 percent faster. 5-day continuous fall off the silver was close to $ 35.

COMEX half per cent on the edge with gold closed at $ 1487. Ludhce week, gold prices were 5 per cent.

Crude oil prices below $ 100 is reached. Right now crude oil is trading at $ 97 a barrel.

Crude oil's biggest weekly decline in 2 years. NYMEX week on crude oil declined 15 percent. On Friday, crude oil closed below 96 dollars a barrel.

U.S., China and European countries expected to decline in the demand for heavy crude oil prices declined. Also, I firmly dollar and U.S. stocks surge in crude oil prices also increased the pressure on.
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