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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MCX Bullion Market highlights and Why Silver Reached a new Height

Silver (May ): Buy - 65500, Stoploss - 65,000 target - 66 400

Gold (June ): Buy - 21800, Stoploss - 21 650 Target - 22000

Today silver has reached a new height. Silver in the spot market is trading above 67,000 rupees per kg. While MCX May futures have managed to go up to Rs 65,000. The effect of the boom in foreign markets has had on domestic business. COMEX 44.50 dollars per ounce on the silver has gone up. This month, nearly 18 percent boost in silver.why Silver is reached a new height

Commodity at the top is silver. On MCX, silver has been over Rs 65,500. While natural gas has also gone up. Spices, red pepper futures trading has been strong over the edge. But the sharp decline in cumin.

Gold is $ 1500 per ounce in foreign markets has crossed the critical level. Although business is slow in gold on MCX.
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